Great in mojitos, and margaritas! Ten Ways to Enjoy Rhubarb Compote. Rhubarb plants are long-lived, and there are reports of families picking from the same plants for as long as 20 years. It is indeed a very aggressive pink which you don’t often find in food. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. You can use this recipe as a sauce for ice cream, waffles, pancakes, puddings, short cakes, pound cakes, cheesecakes, and more, or use it as a side dish to any meal. Pour over ice cream, stir it into yogurt, blend it into smoothies & more! this is so pretty! I took a quick look online for other rhubarb compote recipes and found that sugar was added that weighed anywhere from a tenth to a sixth the weight of the rhubarb used. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Rhubarb will last about a year in the freezer — until next spring’s harvest, so you never have to do without! I wouldn’t leave it outside of the fridge as it won’t keep very well. How long does strawberry compote last? Chop the rhubarb into 1-inch pieces until you have about 6 cups, then place the pieces into a large saucepan and add sugar and water. When the rhubarb pieces have had time to freeze, remove the baking sheet from the freezer. He did his Master’s degree in Cornell University, Upstate NY and often indulged there in a Rhubarb Pie with vanilla ice cream on the side. While properly canned goods are safe as long as the jar remains sealed, this anecdote does not apply to the recipe in the original question. Move the rhubarb pieces to a freezer bag. We also like it spooned over thick Greek yogurt. Scatter with sugar, add a splash of water and simmer gently for 8 minutes until soft and longer to cook it to a puree or compote. In a classic pie? I ended up adding a few teaspoons of honey so it wouldn’t be too bitter and i must say, its really lovely! Don't overcook, or the fruits will not hold their shape. How long … Then I remembered enjoying the berry compote I’d had when I tried out the Bodychef vegetarian diet plan last year and looked for some rhubarb compote recipes. Lovely to see you here You’ve got me salivating at the idea of custard with rhubarb!! (See Kitchen Notes below), The rhubarb on its own will usually taste quite tart. 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into pieces. After this time, the more common rhubarb can be found in abundance with its ruby red stems and green tops. Rhubarb should keep this way for at least a month, sometimes longer. Loosely, yet snuggly, wrap foil around rhubarb stalks, gently crimping the ends (you don’t want it air tight) and place in the refrigerator until needed. I particularly love making rhubarb crumble and Nigella Lawson has a great recipe in Feast. It sounds delicious! I'd say indefinite. I’m lucky to live just below Yorkshire, it’s in all our supermarkets and local too, the growing sheds being based there. Happily, its flavour goes a very long … So this kind of product is best stored in the refrigerator once opened. How acid is it? Compote recipes sometimes include wine, brandy, rum or liqueur. I love any fruit crumble, but given the short forced rhubarb season, it feels like a real treat! Rhubarb shows up just in time every year. Strawberries and rhubarb make the perfect fruit pairing! I’d better check this… Lovely blog by the way! Makes me so wish I had a proper garden! Deep and angry. Hoi Emma! Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. I love the beautiful pinkish tinge rhubarb takes on when it’s cooked. I love rhubard, very sour though if you don’t add enough sugar! Cook down the remaining liquid in the pan until it thickens and turns syrupy, about 5 minutes longer. I didn’t quite realise that rhubarb is also expensive everywhere else, LOL!! In fact friends of mine just visited and came home laden. Can you freeze strawberry compote? Yes, compote is just a fancy name for stewed fruit. Do peer reviewers generally care about alphabetical order of variables in a paper? Again, leave headspace for expansion. Here’s how I like to serve it up. Use some pretty jam lids and coverings, and your jars will look good enough to be given as gifts. I agree that rhubarb is almost a luxury item – it also extraordinarily expensive here in Switzerland. Whenever I make a batch, it’s usually finished within a few days! fruit compote - how long will it keep? Stir the rhubarb frequently to help it break down into a smooth mixture. Pour the sugar syrup over the rhubarb, then pack into containers. What exactly did Jar Jar do to get banished? I was hoping to find some today as I saw a Delia recipe for Rhubarb and Crumble ice cream which looked so good and so simple. Once opened, it should be kept in the fridge to inhibit mould growth. How to prevent the water from hitting me while sitting on toilet? Slice the rhubarb stalks into 1/2-inch segments. Hello, my name is Thanh!I'm an Aussie living in Switzerland and I love to cook fast and easy meals for my family, using fresh and seasonal ingredients. Try to have all fruit in similar-sized pieces. What sweet memories to have! Is scooping viewed negatively in the research community? Chop up 100 g (1 stick) of cold butter (the recipe calls for 90 g but if you can buy butter in 100 g blocks, why save the last 10 g?) However, I suppose I would if I was cooking a rhubarb dessert for a celebration meal. I also love the gorgeous colour of rhubarb in cooking. A player's character has spent their childhood in a brothel and it is bothering me. Partnered with … Each recipe I found was long-winded and required lots of ingredients and one recipe was written by someone who said she used to pick rhubarb as a child and dunk it straight into sugar. 30 years later, living in London and married to my Mum, he spots the Rhubarb stems and goes into hyper ventilation! You'll just have to judge its look, smell and taste. If you wish to spice it up, you could add a teaspoon or so of ground cinnamon or ground ginger or freshly grated nutmeg … it’s up to you. Properly stored, rhubarb will maintain best quality in the freezer for about 12 months, but will remain safe beyond that time. Do we lose any solutions when applying separation of variables to partial differential equations? Follow all of the techniques and prescriptions in the methods, as well, but I won't turn this into an essay on canning, which is not my area of expertise. 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon, plus more for dusting. Keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. In a declarative statement, why would you put a subject pronoun at the end of a sentence or verb phrase? If you are looking for rhubarb recipes, you might enjoy the following: You can either cook the rhubarb down into a pulpy mash, or more softly so that it retains some of it shape. RELATED: Midwestern Rhubarb Margaritas. Push all the air out of the bag to prevent freezer burn, and seal the bag tightly. I added one and a half tablespoons of pure vanilla extract and added a little bit more sugar. So yummy!!! I’ve been loving it with ice cream especially! It is precisely this gorgeous colour that I loved forced rhubarb so much! How salty is it? I can’t remember when I first tried rhubarb but my first introduction to forced rhubarb was certainly when I moved to Switzerland, where I suppose the produce is fresher given that it is grown on the continent. Haven’t seen you use that one before…really makes the pink stand out. I can’t wait to try it out! To find out what personal data we collect and how we use it, please read our. This breakfast is a tribute to her. Feel free to use lemon zest instead of orange if you’ve got one. Place the rhubarb into a large saucepan and cook the rhubarb over medium heat until the rhubarb is tender. Feel free to use lemon zest instead of … YUM YUM YUM!!! Though I haven’t made that in a long time as I think most of my friends would recoil if they knew they were eating essentially whipped cream! This compote looks delicious! I often make a double batch of this crumble mixture and store it in a freezer bag in the freezer, meaning that I always have to hand the wherewithal for a fruit crumble. LOL! This is because any bacteria or mold that try to colonize the product will be dessicated, as water exits their cells into the sugar medium via osmosis. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. My mam makes a wicked blackberry (also growing wild nearby) & rhubarb crumble and rhubarb and apple pies. It’s so pretty. The freezer time shown is for best quality only - rhubarb that has been kept constantly frozen at 0°F will keep safe indefinitely. That results in forced rhubarb, rhubarb that has beautiful pink hues and yellowish leaves. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. 1. The specific recipe you linked to--at least the compote portion itself, excluding the vinegar syrup and the rest of the recipe--appears to have none of the characteristics that lead to a long shelf life. Thanks for the very thorough answer! You can use either rhubarb in this recipe. 2 large rectangles shredded wheat cereal I used to buy it in 500g pots and it would disappear in just a few days! Cost: The entire pot of this compote should set one back no more than £2.20. On the bright side, rhubarb is a good source of antioxidants, vitamin K, and fiber. Presumably one could sterilise the jars and it would keep in the cupboard for longer? Expensive, yes, Bright pink, yes and no, fresh, if luck is on your side, but Forced Rhubarb it is! Plus, rhubarb is very versatile. For a simple, no-fuss rhubarb crumble, simply fill a small bowl or ramekin with some rhubarb compote and sprinkle over a handful of crumble mixture. Rhubarb is not especially rich in essential nutrients, and its calorie content is low.. How lovely to make rhubarb compote from your neighbourhood scavenge! Currently estimating their age at around 50 years. (Rhubarb is also called “pie plant.) Don't overcook, or the fruits will not hold their shape. Shelf life of open jarred anchovies and anchovy paste in the fridge? Rhubarb will grow in most soils, but will do best in fertile, well-drained soils that have a good amount of organic matter. Stir in a few tablespoons of. Rhubarb compote. Thanks for stopping by my blog How lucky you are to grow rhubarb in your garden! Fruit compote is frequently made from combinations of figs, pears, apples, plums, berries and rhubarb. What is the shelf life of dehydrated, precooked meals? It depends on a lot of factors: what you're describing isn't much different from making jam, and homemade jam is good for about a month, once you open it. We add cinnamon and we cook 10-15 minutes. You'll just have to judge its look, smell and taste. 8. You may also continue to cook until the rhubarb begins to fall apart and the liquid thickens slightly. Serve while the compote is still warm for a delightful contrast of temperatures. Hi Hannah! This rhubarb sauce recipe is simple to make in 20 minutes, with just 3 ingredients. just until it has softened but still retains most of its shape. What is the shelf life for candy with fresh butter? Over Ice Cream or Frozen Yogourt. I have some rhubarb in the fridge, but haven’t decided what I am doing with it yet. In the summer, I also like to make rhubarb simple syrup. Let the stewed rhubarb cool for a few minutes, then serve it over ice cream, cake, or other desserts. Rhubarb entered our lives by ways of my father. Stir gently so the fruit keeps its shape. I wish rhubarb were affordable here but it is astronomical for the flagging stems you get here. How do I lengthen a cylinder that is tipped on it's axis? This Rhubarb Compote is basically a sauce made with roasted rhubarb and sugar. The rhubarb stays in nice big pieces as it cooks but then spreads like butter over cakey scones. your password Customizable by season, easy, and just 1 pot and 20 minutes. The rubber has long turned to dried goo that makes opening the jars a true challenge, and often a hour or more of work, but it seems that only improved the seal. How long do you think it would last in the fridge Creme? I will have to keep this compote in mind , Thanks, Jennifer! Top pound cake with warm rhubarb compote and sweetened mascarpone. I agree that forced rhubarb is an indulgence. It’s an old Damien Pignolet combination and it was absolutely delicious; the rich, gamey flavour of pheasant and brownedbutter together are divine. If you didn't do all this, I would think it would last a week or two, but there's really too many factors to give an accurate answer. We put a rhubarb in a bowl, we fill in with cold water and we leave for 15 minutes. In these cases, as ElindilTheTall points out, a very, very sweet recipe (jelly-like or jam-like sweetness) will last for many weeks in the refrigerator, and a couple of weeks at least at normal room temperature. If you wanted to make something which would keep for longer, I would suggest making something like a rhubarb jam. Stir in 3 tablespoons each of light muscovado sugar and vanilla sugar. We’re planning a visit ourselves and will be hopefully equally so. your username. Already looking forward to your next installment! Bring to the boil and cook for a couple of minutes. I thought its season was spring/summer, though. If you find a way to grow it on the terrace, please let me know! Looks so yummy. When planting the roots, cover the top of the root with no more than 1 or 2 inches of soil. Bless them…Back to your elegant post Crème, you just have a way to communicate a great idea with simplicity and great esthetic that it sends one’s mind into over spin, as proven by my endless post! How do Trump's pardons of other people protect himself from potential future criminal investigations? Maybe I can just treat myself . Yes. 2.8, Adobe Illustrator: How to center a shape inside another, My undergraduate thesis project is a failure and I don't know what to do. My sister-in-law grows rhubarb and also has a few apple trees – it sounds so idyllic to be able to grow these luscious treats in your garden and to then make some delicious homemade treats from them. You can tell which is the “forced rhubarb” if it has a bright pink colour, whereas “normal” rhubarb has a mix of green and reddish/pink. Reply Shelley August 23, 2018 at 8:04 pm. That HTE recipe is gorgeous. Bring to the boil then simmer for 3-5 mins. How long does rhubarb last in the freezer? The fruit will soften and release lots of juice. There is a general consensus though of 1 year in the freezer as long as the bags are absolutely airtight. Lovely post, your compote looks gorgeous. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Demerara Sugar – I like using demerara sugar for its caramel like flavour but any type of sugar will do. How long does rhubarb last in the freezer? Does cooking raw meat/poulty extend its shelf life? This would be lovely with some thick greek yogurt:). I made a winter fruit compote last Thursday for a dinner on Friday - lots of dried fruit (figs, prunes, apricots etc) plus red wine, spices and honey, cooked over a low heat and then reheated on the Friday for the dinner. So after a slow simmer in the stovetop the rhubarb butter has thickened up. I wanted to do so many things .. but it costs 18 euros per kilo! Assuming you got the temp high enough to kill all the bacteria, the time will depend entirely on PH and water content. How to free hand draw curve object with drawing tablet? I hope you will find some rhubarb soon – rhubarb and crumble ice-cream sounds absolutely delicious!!! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I made a cooked compote with dried fruit and am wondering what safe refrigerated life I can expect. What's the fastest way to transport mobs vertically in the Nether? We go through a large jar of compote within a few days so I don’t always bother to sterilise the jars, unless I know that it’s going to be in the fridge for a few weeks. It also has less fiber, the stalk is softer and it’s overall sweeter. Flavours that pair well with rhubarb … We fill in sugar with water liter, we bring to boiling and we boil within 3 minutes. Mum had never seen these pink stems before, but soon became apt at making a beautiful Rhubarb pie which the whole family enjoyed. Don’t forget to label your freezer containers. It only takes a minute to sign up. If you placed it in a sterilised jar (boiled for ten minutes, compote added, jar sealed, then boiled for another ten minutes), and assuming it had a decent amount of sugar, it should last weeks even outside of the fridge, especially of unopened. I don't think I had any compote in the modern, metal lid jars to last past 10 years. and rub this into the flour with your fingertips until you have a crumbly mixture which resembles wet sand. I would also love to grow rhubarb at home … will have to look into that too! It’s just a matter of adding a bit of sugar and you’ll see just how delicious it really is. anyway .. One of my favourite ways of eating rhubarb compote is with Greek yoghurt, something I was addicted to when I lived in Australia. I love rhubarb! If you didn't do all this, I would think it would last a week or two, but there's really too many factors to give an accurate answer. But if you haven't experimented more with rhubarb in the kitchen, you're missing out! ; For brown sugar, you can be very flexible.When we have light Muscovado sugar in the house, I like to use that for its more nuanced, slightly smoky flavor. Since my belly isn't as steely as it used to be, I forego raw rhubarb for stewed, sweetened dishes like crumbles, crisps, and compotes. Sweet, juicy, early summer fruit is starting to appear – strawberries and stone fruit and cherries – and we need something to temper all that sugary goodness. Which is very cheap indeed, considering this large jar of rhubarb ‘mixture’ will last quite a while. This compote will liven up yogurt, oatmeal, scones, and ice cream and makes the most delicious topping for crepes! I was in the middle of making this when i noticed my raspberries were right on the cusp of going off so i threw them in too! Keeps in the fridge for up to 2 days, in the freezer for up to 3 months. Berry Rhubarb Compote with a dollop of ricotta cheese. The more acidic, and the less watery the better. (This condenses and intensifies the rhubarb flavor.) And not keep it in the fridge but in the cellar? Here’s how I like to serve it up. Oh I agree that rhubarb compote is really versatile. Rhubarb compote, or stewed rhubarb, is perfect for serving at breakfast with a dollop of yoghurt, or baked in a crumble for a delicious dessert. Learn how your comment data is processed. It should be tart, but sometimes it needs a little extra sugar. 2-ingredient fruit compote! Eye test - How many squares are in this picture? I have made many rhubarb compotes, but this one is special. 7. For my stewed rhubarb (rhubarb compote) I use only 3 basic ingredients: Rhubarb. Your compote looks so beautiful! Regarding freezing-rhubarb, I have found that people in fact have varying opinions on how long to keep frozen rhubarb. Please leave a comment below and share your photos by tagging @eatlittlebird on Instagram and using #eatlittlebird, Your email address will not be published. Saturday morning I went to the market. Oh I fondly remember our chats about the Rhubarb & Muscat Jelly That is such an impressive dessert. There are three major things that will effect the "natural" shelf life of the compote, in that they could extend it considerably past the normal shelf life of the ingredients individually: How sweet is it? Take your PB&J up a notch: Spread rhubarb compote on one slice of bread and crunchy peanut butter on the other, then sandwich. With time, you can pick more generously. If your plants have been around for a couple of years, there will be enough stalks to harvest for a rhubarb compote or pie. Finally, many compotes are amenable to home canning, if they are sufficiently acidic. Given the price, and also the short season, I do make the most of it, but in moderation! How do you like rhubarb best? Thankfully, the produce is very fresh here so it is worth a treat now and then I always look forward to this season and try to cook with rhubarb when I can. I think my favourite way of eating rhubarb compote is with a good serving of Greek yoghurt. ridiculously simple rhubarb compote made with just four ingredients: rhubarb, lemon peel, sugar, and vanilla. Literally dessert in sixty seconds. Or just add some sparkling water for a non-alcoholic drink. Berry Rhubarb Compote Makes 4-6 servings Print recipe only here. Rhubarb compote with raspberries sound lovely! Yes, compote is just a fancy name for stewed fruit. By clicking OK or continuing to browse this website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in the, Steak with Peppercorn Sauce (Steak au Poivre). If I plan to eat the compote with yoghurt or something similar, I like to cook the rhubarb until it has completely broken down into a smooth purée. Measure 120 g (1/2 cup plus 1/3 cup) of plain flour into a large bowl. More about me ... By submitting your comment or message, you agree to share your personal data. How do I maximize the shelf life of my homemade hot sauce? I simply love it, especially in crumbles! Transfer the rhubarb to a freezer container for long-term storage. 9. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. When you buy rhubarb from the store, it comes in long, beautifully striped red and green stems that exude a tartness only to be rivaled by the lemon. I have a few jars of compote in my cellar, made by my grandmother long before my birth. Perfect for waffles, french toast, pancakes, oatmeal, and more. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes until rhubarb is fork tender. I probably buy it a few times when it is in season, mostly when we have guests over, but I find that making a compote means that you can sort of enjoy it for longer. When Rhubarb is Baked, it usually keeps its crimson red colour well, and the texture remains more intact than when stewing the rhubarb. Place in a saucepan over a medium heat with the sugar and 50ml of water then cover with a lid 3 Cook for 15–20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the rhubarb has completely broken down I love to have a jar or two of rhubarb compote (stewed rhubarb) in the fridge, which makes for a great accompaniment to have at breakfast with your toast or perhaps dolloped alongside a serve of natural yoghurt or Greek yoghurt. I think compote keeps well in the fridge for anywhere up to 3 weeks in a sterilised jar. What is the approximate shelf life for herbal infused olive oil, coconut oil, glycerin, or vinegar? Due to the low sugar content, this rhubarb compote would keep for maybe only 3-4 days in the fridge. In a medium sized pot, combine the rhubarb, cherries, ginger, dates and add enough water just to cover the bottom of the pot. Many. Pour the compote into sterilised glass jars and leave them to cool before them in the fridge. Click to see full answer I made some last spring and it was so wonderful in such a variety of uses! When I was a kid we had rhubarb in our garden and then us kid often just ate it “au naturel” while dipping it in sugar:-) Today I prefer to make a rhubarb crumble with vanilla ice-cream. If your plants have been around for a couple of years, there will be enough stalks to harvest for a rhubarb compote or pie. Pour over ice cream, stir it into yogurt, blend it into smoothies & more! For those compotes that are properly canned, you should get an indefinite shelf life prior to opening, as long as the seal on the canning jar remains intact. (and it looks delicious). Required fields are marked *. Will chopped up dried fruit still be fine to use after it's been sitting in the fridge for about 3 weeks? Compote recipes usually include other flavorings, such as vanilla, cinnamon, citrus peels and cloves. Welcome! It is quick and easy to make and brings a fantastic hit of rhubarb flavour to all kinds of dishes. I think the final weeks of the forced rhubarb season is coming to a close so I treated myself to some today and will get busy in the kitchen over the next few days , Gorgeous: the smell and colour of rhubarb is just perfect in spring. Ooh lucky you! 6. Very, very acidic foods are less hospitable to most pathogens. For this reason it is usually cooked with lots of sugar. Once opened, it should be kept in the fridge to inhibit mould growth. Tap the bottom of each jar gently but firmly on the palm of your hand to settle the compote … Fill clean canning jars with the rhubarb compote, leaving half an inch of headspace. Your recipe looks fantastic. That means that if you used 1kg of rhubarb you'd add at least 100g sugar. This recipe appears to have no acid at all in the compote, so canning is not recommended. What can you do with compote? Remove any leaves, dried-out pieces, or brown spots before cooking. The last time i was home visiting we scavenged some and made rhubarb compote, which i ate with yogurt for breakfast every day. 30 years on, I am standing in the Veg corner of a major supermarket chain here in Beirut and lo and behold fresh RHUBARB is on offer!!!!!! Log into your account. You know, I initially mentioned in my post how expensive rhubarb is. The freezer time shown is for best quality only - rhubarb that has been kept constantly frozen at 0°F will keep safe indefinitely. Interestingly, I rarely see normal rhubarb in the supermarkets here, which is probably why I get so excited when I see the forced variety! Rhubarb compote, or stewed rhubarb, is perfect for serving at breakfast with a dollop of yoghurt, or baked in a crumble for a delicious dessert. I always look forward to seeing the vivid pink of the forced rhubarb at this time of the year, its season generally lasting from January to March in the northern hemisphere. Thanks, Irene! That said, I’ve made rhubarb crumble using compote quite a few times in recent weeks! Halve or quarter the strawberries depending on size. Your email address will not be published. If you do manage to find rhubarb where you are, hopefully it is still somewhat fresh. Then I remembered enjoying the berry compote I’d had when I tried out the Bodychef vegetarian diet plan last year and looked for some rhubarb compote recipes. Once the pie or crumble is put into the oven to bake, the rhubarb will continue to cook and break down a bit more. I hope that means that rhubarb is a bit cheaper where you live then , Nigella’s roasting/braising method is great and I often do this when making her Rhubarb Fool. All to be tried again and again, if Rhubarb is still to be found as most people don’t know what it is here and think it is pink celery! How wonderful that your father is still able to enjoy the rhubarb pie of his youth! No two stalks of rhubarb are exactly alike, so make sure to taste the compote before you chill it. It’s technically a rhubarb compote, meaning a chunky fruit sauce, but whatever you choose to call it, we know you’ll want to eat lots and lots of it. Return To Rhubarb Harvest I used to also buy the Bonne Maman compote whenever we were in France, mostly for the lovely jars! Make sure to cut them before storing. Rhubarb is a unique vegetable that people use in cooking and baking. I made some rhubarb crumble last night for dessert, making sure there was some leftover for breakfast this morning . Happy cooking! It makes a great topping for ice cream, cake, waffles, yogurt, or on its own with a spoon. This one doesn't usually apply to compote recipes, but high enough salt levels also make foods inhospitable to most pathogens, again due to the dessication of their cells via osmotic pressure. Strawberries and rhubarb make the perfect fruit pairing! Freezing and How long does it keep. It’s technically a rhubarb compote, meaning a chunky fruit sauce, but whatever you choose to call it, we know you’ll want to eat lots and lots of it. Things! Rhubarb is so difficult (and expensive) to find here in Italy that I decided to grow some plants in my vegetable garden. Rhubarb and vanilla are a match made in heaven, and you can simply flavour this rhubarb compote by adding the seeds of one vanilla bean, or one teaspoon of vanilla bean paste. Last night, I cooked a very special dinner: roast pheasant with bread sauce, burnt butter and a hazelnut and witlof salad. Orange (juice & zest) – If you don’t have oranges, use 5 Tbsp of orange juice instead. I just treated myself to another large bundle today and am thinking of whipping up some into a cake …. Properly stored, rhubarb will maintain best quality in the freezer for about 12 months, but will remain safe beyond that time. I have a friend who also has childhood memories of simply dipping rhubarb into a bowl of sugar. Hope this helps! Cook down the remaining liquid in the pan until it thickens and turns syrupy, about 5 minutes I have to find ways to make it grow on the terrace …. A Simple Rhubarb Crumble. However, don’t get put off by the thought of rhubarb’s tartness.
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