Yesterday i was home watching you tube and saw a project i wanted to try, out of p. V. C tubing. Not only customers and installers hate USIG, their own staff hates their jobs. Firstly, we had tremendous difficulty installing the floor. The same problem exists in South Carolina . Their vice president is a 26 year old ex-head cahier who doesn't know her ### from her elbow and is fire happy. The above is true. I have been installing for USIG for a little over 9 years and I agree with most everything I have read here. Average customer rating: 2 10 Sort by. His character is so lacking that he is the poster child for what not to do in your life. Placed an order 3 weeks ago. Complaints regarding the store, company, merchandise and services should be directed to 1-800-466-3337. 1,034 Home Depot Canada reviews. Cabinet Makeover Reviews . •Medefile Marketing Inc. Home Depot was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jun 14, 2007 and since then this brand received 3037 reviews.. Home Depot ranks 74 of 333 in Supermarkets and Malls category. Lousy Customer Care for On Line Shopping! I was not sure which item would replace the warped one exactly so I asked the associate at the plumbing section. Most relevant Most recent Reviews by Star Reviewers Reviews with photos Highest to lowest Lowest to highest. 1.1k Reviews. The hot tub we wanted was listed "in stock" online. •First Choice Marketing Solutions, Inc. ( voice of customer ) or Home Depot will cut them when in actuallity they would of been cut already but there is no other company big enough to take over right away. Doing poor work is not the answer because its a waste of time but. Original review: Sept. 27, 2020. Part of The Home Depot. The company is headquartered at the Atlanta Store Support Center in Cobb County, Georgia, in Greater Atlanta. Was waiting to ask the old man in that department just before I can just ask him if u carry it he says I’m with a customer. I garauntee you get a better install with Lowes, not to bash myself. Wonder if he can pass a background check now?? So started looking at abs. The Triburst adds weight and may cause instability of a free standing floor lamp. I ordered a better hot tub from Walmart and they said our delivery will not be until January. Every seem shows and the carpet is buckled every where. THE HOME DEPOT® is an American home improvement supplies retailing company that sells tools, construction products, and services. Aucun intérêt si payé en entier avant 18 mois* sur tout achat de gros électroménager en magasin ou en ligne inscrit sur un seul reçu de caisse de 299 $ ou plus (y compris les taxes) porté à votre carte de crédit à la consommation Home Depot MD du jeudi 24 décembre au mercredi 30 décembre 2020. When I choose french or English, i expect someone that will speak and understand the language I have chosen. Thank you in advance for posting... Bruce Deluca lives in Boca raton. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Not in this life time for any kind of work. I sent a letter to then via there web page but have not heard back. His so was a ambulance driver as a proftion for the last 10 years, but due to a layoff he went back to working with his dad. I had to go through the calling (getting cut off) tracking down a manager, re-explaining, and now I am promised that within a few days someone will show up to finish the installation. The operator then offered me a whopping $170 for the machine, at this point I would of been further ahead purchasing this exact unit from a scratch and dent store for 25% less cost and much less headache. Complaints regarding the company’s website should be directed to 1-800-430-3376. You people better get your ### together befor you kill your buisness. The pieces in general wouldn’t fit together properly for the most part. I told her that Since it's Christmas and I'm not sure if her supervisor celebrates Cheistmas, but i do along with many other Canadians. I have all the screen shots of the online conversations. What a disgrace !!! A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Then on a regular basis (every week) their accountant conveniently forgets to send one or two of their installers checks for the work performed. I take pride in doing quality work and am so thankful Home Depot only makes up .25% of my company income. I ordered a fridge for my disabled mother- her old fridge stopped working. A company this size often … And this sent my step father and his brother looking for work. Is he really from Florida, does he invest, does he live in several states, who are his cohort's...first & last names would be good. Home Depot of Canada, Poor Customer Service I know Farley Windows of Alexandria, ON manufactures these windows sold by Home Depot Canada and by many other dealers as well. 1.2k Salaries. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! I chose Home Depot as I would get a 4 to 6 day delivery time. So, that was a total waste of time. Useful. I bought $5, 00 in carpet and underpad with install. My mother and sister had a delivery window from 10am-2pm for a fridge/stove/microwave. I suggest you use a local retail flooring store or one who advertises on t.v. Read some complaints. I made the mistake of getting Home Depot to install carpet and now I have a 14 inch crack down the middle of tile in the shower of my master bathroom. USIG usually ends up keeping the contractors last check or two for no reason other than the contractor refuses to continue working for them. Companies. So we went to the store very early this morning. Simply enough, they are all ### . Rather than trying to keep the good installers around I have seen multiple pay reductions in the time that I have been contracting with USIG. Too bad I wasted $1800 on a new fridge that my mother cannot open, after waiting a month with her eating canned food before Christmas. Claim this company. Customer service at USIG is non existent. 1.2k Salaries. Commercial Revolving Cards U.S. 1-866-875-5489 Canada 1-800-668-5336 Home Depot ranks 10th among Home Decor sites. She is trying to get the cheapest person to refinish the damage. 1,032 Home Depot Canada reviews. There are skilled, reliable pros available for a variety of jobs in nearly every region. Let's find you a Local Pro! Find a local person that has good references and go direct and by-pass USIG. Lowes still does it that way. Perhaps the managers at Home Depot should write down customer complaints somewhere, and do something about them, instead of putting customers on hold, hanging up on them and then losing the file. If water leaks air may leak, too. •American Bullnose East Inc. Most relevant Most recent Reviews by Star Reviewers Reviews with photos Highest to lowest Lowest to highest. Of course, no offer to assist, so I left the store and thought to myself "Wow - they're really scraping the barrel for employees here.". The first thing I said to the sale's person is tghat I do NOT want one guy that lay, s the easy stuff and then an other guy that lay;s the stair;s (the hard part of the job) First off I had Lay, d carpet as a young man back in the 70, s. I also instaled all of the carpet in my parrents new home, s and 2 of my own home, s copleate stairs as well as all seems, I have never had a seem show or come apart, When the installers showed up at my door it was a guy I knew from hockey. the home depot customer service complaints canada of resources required to meet the projects objectives. Was there a benefited to have either Home Depot of Canada or Peak Installations involved including installation or Service? I still can’t understand why I wasn’t given a proper refund on my MasterCard, despite that half of the transaction used to purchase the flooring was on my MasterCard . 261 Benefits. That’s all I was looking for. J.Jackson in Mississauga 7 reviews Mississauga, ON Joined 2016/10/17. At each and every one of our Home Depot store locations in British Columbia, you’ll find friendly staff members eager to assist you in any way possible. They basically dropped the fridge off, not connected, did not install the fridge door handles (they came off in her hand when she tried to open the door), and my mother cannot use the fridge. Their thinking is money will make any problem go away. Get a Free Consultation . It has been almost 2 months since we had this covid-19 outbreak. Mississauga About 3 years ago We recently purchased new outdoor furniture from The Home Depot in Oakville, ( … The Home Depot Canada The Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in North America that sells building materials, tools, furniture, appliances, paint, tool rentals & installations and a wide range of other home and garden services. Thiss year ill shop reno and or rona (Its all the same) and see if they ever tell me to go to home depot. The associate at Lowe's plumbing section was very nice and knowledgeable about all products, he helped me to find what I needed. Home Depot wants the customer to deal with USIG as they take a back sit and wait for USIG to make a decision . P.S. Most stores are out of stock Hazard online locations once again due to the covid-19 mumbo jumbo. The Home Depot of Canada has said they are looking into this matter but nothing has happened after several months. Reviews > Home Depot Canada { … For immediate assistance, contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-HOME DEPOT (466 … I designed my new kitchen with the help of the Home Depot kitchen designer at the Palm Coast FL store on Nov 10, 2019. I ordered a generator which was labelled as IN STOCK. Absolute gong show with this company. I could have purchased the same item online at Walmart for $20 less. I ordered an air purifier online as it was not available in stores. Bruce is a ###. When I told him it looked totally different he just stood there, no words, no movements. We weren’t aware that there is supposedly 48 hours to call (online service is a pure joke). How is it possible to falsely advertise, allow for an order to go through when the product is not in stock, and make use of customers' money for months at no interest? Online it said our order was "shipped" and our credit card HAD ALREADY been charged. Having HUGE problems with her accountability of damage to an antique piano. The Home Depot Canada Foundation’s #OrangeDoorProject is here until Dec 20th. Looking into Bruce's past? I only wish I had layed it myself but I have a soinal coard injury so I could not. Wow I can't believe this is happening !! •Special Finance Consultants, Inc. Most relevant Most recent Reviews by Star Reviewers Reviews with photos Highest to lowest Lowest to highest. Home Depot Stainmaster Carpet - staineasy carpet, Home Depot Store Employee Complaint - employees, Hampton Bay - outside solar lamps model #79339 79330, Home Depot - Hot Water Heaters - unfair installation charges, Home Depot - Customer safety during covid 19, Home Depot - unethical charges-home depot home improver credit card, Home Depot - will never buy anything from them again, Home Depot - appliance delivery order w838836677. It was a minor repair that I could have done myself but I wanted them to do it for warranty issues. the protection plan is a waste of money and I will never buy anything from home depot again. 261 Benefits. Home / Home Services / Cabinet Makeover (855) 403-2716 . regularly for installation services. I fully agree, having 1st hand experience with USIG. I pretty much gave up trying to get work from other companies around 5 or 6 years ago but after reading these complaints I'm going back on the hunt. Was there any cost saving by going through Home Depot? I brought the warped one to match for a fitted item there as they change the packaging every now and then. Farley Windows, the manufacturer of these windows, seems to be content that it's OK for their new windows to leak water due to the poor design of the window drainage. Home Depot Canada Reviews. Industry: Home Centers & Hardware Stores POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES: This is a plain clothed/undercover positon in multiple locations Detain and interview persons apprehended for s Looking for any infomation about Bruce deluca past. © 2004-2020 A word to investors, don't let the facade fool you. I waited about 7 mins and thought this is not professional. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY! I am a native contractor born and raised here (Florida). A customer calls to complaint for anything the gift card she gets is deducted from the installer’s check! Get a Free Consultation . Sales people were very knowledgeable and helpful and I got the product I want very quickly. 52,388 reviews from The Home Depot employees about The Home Depot culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. 3,395 reviews from The Home Depot employees about The Home Depot culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Reviews > Home Depot Canada { … Get smart people…!!! This crack is directly (measurable) adjacent to the baseboard of the closet where USIG installed the carpet. Avoid the nonsense advertised by Home Depot their supposed Big Service name and helper in all this, because it’s all useless BS. Thanks very much Home Depot. Thank you for showing your support @rookz #HomeDepotCanada #OrangeDoorProject. I don't think I'll get any legal solution because of signing that form, but I sure can setup a Facebook page for all to join and comment. The customer service person I initially dealt with was great and very helpful. Terrible service. Jobs; Companies; Salaries; Interviews; Search. Initial Home Depot complaints should be directed to their team directly. This is one reason why no one ever knows what they're doing. I pay workers to come install it and the shed is missing the roof, floor and the door. I just had carpet installed from USIG through Home Depot. I am good with that. That's what it's all about. A couple of days later, checked online and confirmed delivery would be in a couple of weeks and it said the product was "shipped". And more importantly has anyone gotten that full amount back after leaving USIG and a year has passed? REVIEWS, PRODUCT; Can it be installed in an enclosed fixture? HDT 0 reviews Brampton, ON Joined 2020/12/05. More stock to come, but they will not activate my order! It used to be installers working directly for Home Depot. I said "No, I've looked everywhere" and the response was: "Well, there's 1 for how many departments?" The Home Depot of Canada has said they are looking into this matter but nothing has happened after several months. Add a Review. When we scheduled our install our wait was over two weeks which was not a problem but when the install date arrived we wasted two days expecting a call that confirmed Sub Contractor was on his way and after three phone calls to USIG we just got runaround. While I ordered in through Home Depot because it was the easiest and cheapest, I told them that I could not have USIG install it as I'm still fighting over the shower issue with them. Part of The Home Depot. I look at him in shock. Home Depot unlike other major home improvement companies subcontracts all of their flooring installations out to a company named USIG (US INSTALLATIONS GROUP) and this company hires in contractors at a very below average price per square foot. Initial Home Depot complaints should be directed to their team directly. Thank you for showing your support @rookz #HomeDepotCanada #OrangeDoorProject. View Jobs at Home Depot Canada . It would be a 15 minute job at the most. I ordered the delivery and installation option, since my mom is 84 years old. I was Not asking for advise just if you carry the tool. Care to know how much the installer gets… $5 (yes five dollars), you are better off negotiating a tip of $10 to the installer, you save money the installer get more and HD gets what they deserve! If I don't click on one star it won't allow me to share my experience. I have been waiting for the part now for 1 month. After 5 years the carpet is garbage. Complaints regarding the companys website should be directed to 1-800-430-3376. I asked the representative to give me the supervisors name. Some things like lumber, concreat, and calckings i wont even think in getting there anymore. Bruce DeLuca | Booking Photo Hiding negative complaints is only a Band-Aid. Last month we purchased a LifeProof vinyl flooring from Home Depot. In the late spring of 2012 we required a replacement of the roof on our home here in Ottawa. my washer broke down. Cheaper. 1.2k Salaries. USIG has no backbone and their kness start knocking when any issue arises that may involve Home Depot. Company Overview FAQ. Their warranty is … Zero, none. I cannot believe I found people who think exactly as I do about USIG, it is unbelievable how they rip installers out of paycheck, they hold payment for 3 weeks; ask for the highest insurance liability to cover themselves, They also keep $3,500 from every installer, supposedly they return that money to the installer after a year of not working for USIG, now this company has that money from every installer, and they are country wide, does Bruce de Luca invest that money? I want to do EVERYTHING I can to expose USIG and get Home Depot to drop them. 1.1k Reviews. How those businesses take care of those complaints is what … The was founded in 1978 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank and today it is the world's largest home improvement retailer with more than 2,200 stores in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. My step father and his brother are experiencing this same issue right now. Allow me ?!?! Home Depot gives a lot of lip service but leaves it to the customer to deal with the BS fro USIG . How about when installing tile you (subcontractor) had to provide backerboard and nails, while they charged customers as well Where did this money go to... so basically we the subcontractors got paid with OUR OWN MONEY !!! Average customer rating: 9 10 Sort by. Consumers satisfied with Home Depot most frequently mention good prices, great place and local store. You can find contact details for Home Depot above.. is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully voicing consumer concerns … If you have an interest in becoming a vendor/supplier/service provider for Home Depot, please visit the HDConnect which is The Home Depot's Service Provider Portal for all U.S. and Canada Merchandise suppliers, Non-Merchandise suppliers, Carriers, and other Home Depot business partners. All good. THE HOME DEPOT® is an American home improvement supplies retailing company that sells tools, construction products, and services. Read reviews 1 - 30 for Window Installation offered by Home Services at The Home Depot.
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