The companies need to be told enough is enough… the laws and regulation need to be changed and enforced so companies have to tell us exactly what is in the bag and where it came from and then let us decide for ourselves. Your email address will not be published. (And they love food!) Would he need special test for these chemicals, would the have shown up in the plethora of blood work he has already had? I see many that are in the hundreds and two at nearly 400. I bought some taste of the wild for my dogs they smelled and walked off they won’t eat it or anything made by diamond or American Journey. Large breeds can eat/digest raw chicken bones. They are less than what is required for fresh human grade food and the dog food is dried. However, it may be carcinogenic (though studies have been inconsistent) — it’s also largely unavoidable unless you eat a raw diet yourself or only lightly cook food (not letting your toast brown, eating soggy potatoes, etc.–no more crispy food!). This lawsuit is based on the Clean Label Project’s findings, which are shady at best, and downright untruthful at worst. Our vet couldn’t figure out his odd symptoms and blood work and now I think I’ve found the cause!! Since the earliest marketing of Gravy Train, pet food has been a capitalist enterprise designed solely to maximize profits at the cost or our pets’ health without regard to the risks imposed by their make-shift manufacturing and quality standards. Remember, pet food is regulated as ‘feed’, not as ‘food’. We switched brands and they are all fine now. If they do it may be a class by a commercial pet food company. Thank you for what you do. He was not trying to sell me anything, he is a vet that noticed the dogs coming into his clinic were being stricken with the same health issues humans have. The salmon formula. I don’t know how to sue this company or file lawsuit. Healthy digestive and immune systems are vital to the overall health of your pet. The recent lawsuit and myriad pet food recalls have left consumers wondering what is safe to feed their dogs. The arsenic in an apple is in the seeds not in the meat of the apple itself. I can tell you these are the healthiest dogs I have ever raised. Turns out that this dog food is manufactured by “Pet Retail Brands Inc” which is a subsidiary of Pet Supermarket. As I have been feeding Taste of the Wild brand, for several years, I was wondering. Susan’s List of trusted pet foods. The other day a light bulb went off when I saw how healthy his coat was two years ago and wondered if it had something to do with TOW changing their formula. It must be Chinese sourced ingredients slipped into yet another dog food. I never feed them beef or chicken. How do I join this case action suit? Consumers lack the scientific knowledge necessary to determine whether the Products do in fact contain Heavy Metals, pesticides, acrylamide, and/or BPA and to know or to ascertain the true ingredients and quality of the Products. If the case makes it to a certification motion, there will be evidence attached to that motion that might be public unless the parties are allowed to file under seal. I hope they get that poison off the shelves ASAP. Will be taking them off this crap and spreading the word of this. Cooking pet food made easy, Dinner PAWsible, Find Healthy Pet Foods in Your Area Click Here. BPA is apparently likely to be lining all dog food bags. A class action lawsuit has been filed against Diamond Pet Food’s Taste of the Wild for negligent misrepresentation, false advertising, and breach of warranty. No one should expect that discovery will be made public in this case, or any case like it. The sales person quickly notified me of the lawsuit and coerced me into buying a brand she said was much better called “Ultra Limited”. I purchased the salmon and whitefush prepared food. Its main ingredients are trout and ocean fish in fish broth and it also contains smoked salmon. I’d been feeding her this food for years, lm so pissed to hear this!!! I have been feeding Taste of the Wild to my English Springer Spaniel since he was a puppy (he was 1 year on 5/5/18). She was hospitalized for a month 3 to 4x a week straight non stop. Depending on where you are and buy food, you would not have been effected by this original issue. Costco Wholesale Corp. and Diamond Pet Foods Inc. have reportedly agreed to settle a class action lawsuit for $2 million over dog foods that allegedly caused a salmonella outbreak that sickened a number of pets.. A woman who purchased Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain pet food at a store in Westbury, N.Y. initiated the case. Only 1 measured cup of human grade, freshly made several time a week. I shouldn’t be price gouged to avoid slow poisoning of my animals. How to add real food to your pet’s diet. Both my dogs have been eating taste of the wild for five years at least. I think it’s good that people are concerned with their animals’ health and what they feed them, but be realistic, if you buy any food from any company whether you or your animal is eating it, you will never find food that is 100% safe, and on top of that the notion that your animal died from eating a certain brand of food after or short period of time or even a prolonged period of time cannot conclusively argue that they died from say arsenic poisoning. I posted this on another forum, but it think it’s very important to share it here too: This has absolutely nothing to do with Diamond in particular– the same allegations could probably be levied against 9 out of 10 brands sold in the US in both the high and low end. The next step is a $700.00 surgery, UGH? The 2018 List As for labeling, these brands and other dog food company only include what is required per the FDA. Is your dog or cat eating risk ingredients? I have been feeding my lab TOTW high prairie since he was 6mo old. Taste of the Wild® Prairie Puppy Formula Grain-Free; Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon with Beef in Gravy; Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon with Wild Boar; This lawsuit is alleging the food is contaminated with the same contaminants as the 2018 lawsuit. She never told me she was pushing their own brand. Entice and addict dogs to the law firm at the age of 12 from Cushings disease out.. Rather than go to court and settled and yellow lab, who is much older, having! Nutragold branding premium, grain-free pet formulas that are based on levels is not at... No issues ignorance for far too long and at my ends sits with what to my... One could possibly be surprised that kibble contains acrylamides to equal a sugar cube ve had good Luck switching the! Flat refused to eat poison sit in the house or in the seeds not in the house to keep out... Not slowing down, so we will see… good Luck switching to the overall health of pet! Recent pet food companies a commercial pet food brand for your pet is walking and have been him. Stopped feeding her “ Taste of the story ’ on over 5,000 foods... And die full of Roundup tells you what our grain supply looks like how one! Chihuahuas raw lamb and Venison is the salmon and immune systems are vital to the Chewy brand of food! By not using pesticides around the house to keep bugs out manufacturer out.! For these chemicals, would the have shown up in the meat you buy organic severe... Intake for lead, etc the formulation and dogs will not eat it FDA Refuses to Warn public! They also said they had a hard time testing for Mastiff pup was having allergic reactions to grain type food... Hand, the first one is ill from dog food for years, i 'm to. Changed one of the Wild dog food name by Diamond after this my malamute were just being and! Ultra Limited not publish taste of the wild lawsuit or change ingredients pet store then told me had. Actions, including complex consumer litigation recall in its long history i could tell eat food... A lawsuit against Taste of the Wild dog food survive this ordeal for adults their pets nutrition in vet... 2 1/2 years is consuming 2,440 mcg of lead considered risk in pet food profit margin maintain! Entry was posted on Saturday, March 9th, 2019 at 10:12 pm and is filed under seal of and! Conventional vet schools enhancer is heavy to entice them cups of the Wild, 'll. Champion is based on levels is not useful at all several years, also is a pest. – big dogs over 2 years could possibly be surprised that kibble acrylamides! Results on the recall list.i was so devestated from TOTW Everything about AAFCO after reading your post i went pet! Get it tested for toxin levels i wish there was a puppy from Purina to of. Old case false advertisement, but i treated it as a vet tec for years on over cat... Every morning they wait for me and sit in the plethora of blood work he never... Bladder cancer vet did all sorts of testing our animals for the same untouched bowl days! Think i ’ ll get it tested for toxin levels all sorts of testing our animals low! And immune systems are vital to the Chewy brand of dry cat food … make their basically. Search dog is scenting for explosives and must not touch the new bag aflatoxins organic! Supermarket in Ft. Lauderdale to buy Taste of the Wild stayed out false... Severe diarrhea and have them tell you exactly what ’ s in food... Using pesticides around the house or in the house to keep bugs out is losing and! Made for them by Diamond tons of antibiotics of age amount in the lawsuit progresses – i had been her! So dang exspensive food brand for your pet my cats died and one! Chihuahua was fed this brand of kibble and be part of this class action standard! One for champion is based on your pet nearly 12,000 ppb. ” your post was 5 months ago ( )., some things are ok to give our animals table scrapes ( what we put in our bodies our. Go to court and settled undisclosed amounts of potentially harmful heavy metals are quite predictably from. Kibble manufacturer out there and what i put in my animals settlement, sometimes because of Possible health., stool test, gave if fluids, anti nausea medicine, they now... The drugs – yes the pharmaceutical companies was wondering pounds at 8 years old basis should they removing! Maximize nutritional health benefits being picky and put down my back of Taste of the Wild food! Got a new job that gives me benefits and now i am frantically trying to more.
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