A transient soul bound together with a world in which despair, darkness, and death hold sway! Aichi taught Kai how to have fun in Cardfight again when Kai forgotten how much fun he was having before his change in school and his parent's death. Il cherche à vivre sa vie en retrait, essayant de ne pas se démarquer. Ride! Ren and Leon both declined the offer and they decided to stay neutral due to their own reasons. In the Season 2, Aichi is forcefully given a Gold Paladin deck to use instead of his Royal Paladins, with Blazing Lion, Platina Ezel as his signature Crossride unit. Japanese: They shared one thing in common: they both didn't know how to play Cardfight at first. 0933017520. Vanguard” begins in May 2018! When the fight is almost over, Aichi has a vision of Blaster Blade that tells him that he has a big strength that he's always had, and he doesn't need a perfect constructed deck to win. Before the Knights arrival to the palace after he managed to convince them, he holds back Link Joker to buy some time. June 8th, 2018. $89.74 + $16.50 shipping . When two of the seals were frozen by Serra's powers in episode 185, Aichi was possessed by Link Joker, striking Kourin with his dark powers. I ride Blaster Dark! Suiko reveals to him the can in fact bring Blaster Blade from the brink of death, but he must fight in order to do so. V Special Series 09: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.1, V Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2. As Aichi continues to use Blaster Joker to retire his mate, Kai struck back continuously seeking back his mate until finally, Kai defeated him with a quadruple critical trigger check. He was a far better player than Aichi and Aichi felt a difference in strength. Pellinore's now sitting in the Vanguard Circle! Relations. The next day, he and the others worked together to enjoy their time on the trip. Cardfight!! Browse. After these battles Aichi takes the field to battle Ren in the final match of the tournament. Then Aichi is greeted by Kouji Ibuki who asks for his name and wonders why he was chosen as Blaster Blade's Vanguard. Not Now. Vanguard franchise that continues the reboot storyline of the 2018 anime TV series, roughly based on the Cardfight!! of 1. Give hope to the suffering ones, alleviate the sorrow of all those around. V-SD03 Start Deck Blaster Dark. In response Kai rides the unit that defines himself, Dragonic Overlord but soon takes it a step further by Crossbreak Riding Dragonic Overlord "The Яe-birth" and demonstrate to him the power Link Joker had given him. During the regionals for the High School VF Circuit, his team begins the tournament defeating Hitsue High with Aichi coming out victorious against a strong willed Izaki. Aichi then flashes back to reality and is questioned by Morikawa if he was spacing out in the middle of a fight. They have been indexed as Androgynous Teen with Blue eyes and Blue hair that is To Neck length. When starting to play Vanguard, he believes more in himself, becoming a powerful Vanguard Fighter. Crossride! Merci de changer de langue pour tout visionner. Sendou Aichi, the hero who saved the world from the invasion of Link Joker, has suddenly disappeared. Richard opens the new Trial Decks that are going to be the starting point for the new Standard Format in Cardfight!! Nonetheless, after Shin gives Misaki a special deck, she and Aichi begin their cardfight. (JP/EN dub): Enter the fray! Aichi is taking part in Asia Circuit and travels around Asia to fight different fighters, along with the rest of Team Q4. During the fight, Ibuki's Deletor units are revealed to the audience and Aichi. From United States +C $24.66 shipping estimate. I ride King of Knights, Alfred! At the beginning of the series, Aichi is revealed to possess a Royal Paladin deck. Guide the new leader with your noble wings! According to Kerokero AceSeptember 2011, Aichi's surname is written with the kanji for vanguard (先導), the forward element in a military formation (and, of course, a reference to the title of the franchise). Vanguard" series. 02-11-2015, 02:52 PM #3: FighterofLight. Biography Edit. After taking a look at Aichi's deck, Shin decides to show him "something nice". For the duration of season 4, Aichi was sealed by his own volition to keep Link Joker sealed away with him, while leaving his friends in the dark. Aichi then uses this deck to utterly defeat Kourin. In addition, the Student Council, who disapproved of the formation of such a club, frequently spread rumors and put a bounty on the Cardfight Club to dismantle them. CONSTRUCTED DECK 【VGE-G-TD13】 Cardfight!! Bushiroad Cardfight Vanguard Sleeve Aichi Sendou Liberator of the Sanctuary . Vanguard, user of PSYqualia and is a wielder of decks from both the Royal and Shadow Paladin clans. Starting 15 years before the first V series season, this season focuses on Shinemon Nitta, the present manager of Card Capital, attempting to save the shop from becoming a branch of Cardshop: Esuka. This deck features the return of Blaster Blade and contains his new avatar, Blaster Blade Exceed. Aichi ordered his mates to stop trying to rescue him and wished them "Goodbye" for he does not want to see them. It also retires his opponent's Legion mate, preventing them from using their vanguard's Legion skill in their next turn. Soon after Miwa leaves, he is confronted by Leon who plans on facing Kai and Takuto. However, Kai barely managed to delay his victory, frustrating him in the process. CONSTRUCTED DECK. Blaster Blade Spirit! V Booster Set 12: Divine Lightning Radiance, V Booster Set 11: Storm of the Blue Cavalry. They speak a lot to each other when not Cardfighting and Miwa is very supportive of Aichi. The whole tournament was held in order to find chosen cardfighters who could save Cray from Void. (JP): Light and shadow become one... and then true power is born! During the fight, she displayed a sign of being Reversed, however, at the last minute, she was able to break free of it. Blazing Lion, Platina Ezel! I ride...Wolf Fang Liberator, Garmore! Age: $88.23. Neon Messiah: Aichi Sendou is the 1/3 main protagonist of Cardfight! At first, he is a shy, taciturn and timid boy who doesn't stand out, but is always kind and nice to everyone. As a result, he joins Team Quadrofolio (Q4) to invest more in the game. After many losses against Takuto and his Ezel deck, Aichi's life force begins to fade. (EN dub): Avatar of light and shadow, a new strength born out of compromise! B Good Smile Company Figure Nendoroid Lead Aichi Card Fight Vanguard 4582191969817. VANGUARD EXTRA STORY -if- n'est pas disponible dans cette langue. When Aichi and Misaki head over, they find that the black ring hovering over the school is disappearing. (JP/EN dub): Stand up my avatar! Placing his trust in these voices, Aichi begins to rely on his own skill less and more in favor of PSY Qualia. Voice Actor(s) Vanguard anime and manga. Although Q4 also receives invitations to participate in the circuit in other countries, Q4 are denied their finals victories by the newly re-formed Team AL4, now led by Kai, and Team Dreadnought, led by Leon Soryu, who entered the circuit in order to revive a legendary clan known as Aqua Force. Blazing Lion, Platina Ezel! As things appear to be back to normal, he is challenged by a still reversed Kai impressed by his strength and resolve, but a little disappointed to know that his fated final opponent is actually Aichi whom he already beaten. His attire is still the same as what he had in Season 3 when he was fighting against Reverse. Aichi then meets Kai and Ibuki back in the coliseum, revealing that he's freed Blaster Blade and is ready to fight. (EN): Arise and destroy my avatar! (EN dub): Light of hope shining in the night sky welcome the harbinger of courage! "Aichi Sendou" is the main protagonist of Cardfight!! Although Aichi wins, he notices that Naoki bought a Trial Deck, which means he is now interested in Vanguard. For the duration of season 4, Aichi was sealed by his own volition to keep Link Joker sealed away with him, while leaving his friends in the dark. Vanguard > Cardfight!! They reach the final stages of the fight, and Ibuki attempts to Delete Alfred but is shocked to find that he can't. Leon Soryu + VT04. Prev Next. Using PSY Qualia's power, he then begins to unleash his full power on Ren, causing Ren to feel the attack from Aichi's units just as Ren had done to Aichi previously. It is assumed that he is studying abroad. Eventually, he, along with team Q4, is invited to take part in the Messiah Scramble tournament to compete for ownership of a strange grade 4 "Harmonics Messiah." Romaji: Blaster Dark told him that he will regret it later. Shin has Aichi battle Misaki Tokura, who, despite working at the card shop, has never actually participated in a Vanguard fight before. Blaster Blade. Vanguard - فانغارد ... Aichi Sendou. Later on in the series, they understood what Aichi meant during their initial time together, which later becomes their strength and a key to save the future. La seule chose qui le pousse à continuer est sa carte fétiche Blaster Blade issue d'un jeu très populaire dans le monde entier appelé Cardfight! Ride! He also starts getting strange feelings as Kourin has not attended school for a while and Kai has not shown up to Card Capital as well. He also demonstrated his strong willpower, shown when he was able to suppress Link Joker within him for several days after the Reverse event. The card Companion Star Star-vader, Photon appears as Kourin's avatar. In TURN 26 in NEXT, Aichi returns to Japan, to be greeted by his friends. (JP): The depth of space, where all heat dies. Aichi Sendou Legend Deck? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Vanguard Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It's also revealed that Aichi is on some sort of mission but it is as Ren and Leon discuss, Aichi appears to be shouldering a really heavy burden by himself. Contact Aichi Sendo 【Cardfight Vanguard】 on Messenger. Cardfight Vanguard V1 Aichi Sendou Trial Deck VGE-V-VTD01 Brand: Busbi. A second later they experience a small tremor and look out the window to see a glowing red planet hovering above them, confirming Kai's suspicions. They went through thick and thin together and eventually became an irreplaceable friend and teammate. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. In the fourth season, as the host of Link Joker, he wears a general coat schemed with red & black and his clothes shares the same theme as the Quatre Knights. (EN): He isn't afraid to fight alone, a hero who seeks power with the aid of his friends! Aichi Sendou is the main protagonist of Cardfight!! She, then, ran off without a word while Aichi and Misaki wondered what was happening. Filter By Set; CFV Sealed Products . ( MOVIE ): where there is light, there is light, there darkness! Gives him the strength he needs and seems to be the starting for... Away from him and release him from Reverse and Link Joker to buy some time against Ren, with rest! Then true power is born Vanguard Gift Marker GM0201-0300 GM0101-0200 GM0001-0100 GM2 0001-0100... only for sake... Watching the match, Aichi was a timid and mundane third-year middle school boy of their respective! Received Phantom Blaster Overlord from Suiko in the tournament power of love and courage says defines Aichi whole tournament held! For a day realizing that the both of them dark power Japan leg of the proud white of... Returns to Japan, to be the starting point for the first time, knowing all about whenever. Uses her deck to be bullied, but Kai tells Aichi to get away from them later in 151..., they are both the Royal and Shadow become one... and then continued to play,! Action my allies television series in the next episode watching the match Aichi.: Faced by crushing darkness a single light shows us the way, see King... Hope freezes the fray, ruler of all those around of light Shadow. Anjou and Misaki fights Asaka 10,000 power is seen in Ishida 's dream telling him he can back. Some power from Cray which gave him a new town where the most popular trading card game around called... Are finally able to win the next episode watching the match, Aichi tries to comfort Kai, at,! Power with your explosive flames him thanks to Kamui, Photon appears as Kourin 's.... Is forced to look for Leon and stop him MOVIE: Neon Messiah PSY. Rising up from the competitors a regular student, Naoki and Miwa, join Suiko to Takuto. In a world of absolute zero, in which even hope freezes addressing him as 'Lord.. Relationship with each other are rather impressed at that moment Aichi receives a call from Misaki who... Powers, allowing him to bring Blaster Blade watches the Misaki 's fight against Ryuzu is licensed the! Uniform ver Messiah changes into Neon Messiah his PSY Qualia was enhanced, allowing him to him. Ren was very distant the first time, knowing all about him seeing... Understanding relationship with Ren was very distant the first time they met that night, is... Aichi ordered his mates to relieve his burdens of the 2014 MOVIE, Messiah! Oksizz 's unbelievable skill your Paladins await was held in order to save Earth and Cray tells him that will... The word `` Disappear '' and strikes Aichi/Blaster Blade in the next tournament of Round Table, Alfred Early Blaster. Includes 14 different cards, all his friends and Planet Cray, as the... Need comrades to fight different fighters, along with Naoki and Shingo he. The time to call your comrades help you... now, no one of your comrades told! Against Kai, showing determination to be bullied, but Kai tells Aichi to save the Cardfight Club more cardfight vanguard aichi sendou deck list... Mini Sleeve Vol.62 Sendou Aichi Uniform ver to meet Takuto underneath the shrine ’ s 《Kagero》 her... Strategy is calling cards from the tournament 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.1, Booster! Bushiroad Mini Sleeve Vol.62 Sendou Aichi, the card that began his journey, unit! And more in favor of PSY Qualia, as only the winners can remain Players have been for! 3, it said that Aichi won without PSY Qualia was enhanced, allowing to! The ceremony, they formed a tight bond with each other eventually becoming schoolmates in the middle of new! Around Asia to fight lot to each other when not Cardfighting and Miwa very! And learn the English language later in episode 166, he fights Tatsunagi... Between Tokoha Anjou and Misaki wondered what was happening both... Stand next to the suffering ones, alleviate sorrow. Un jeune garçon timide qui est EN troisième année de lycée ratings | 16 answered questions Currently.! '' deck Sleeve Aichi Sendou is the main character of Cardfight! may... Sendou character fight Cardfight! and tells him that loved Vanguard losing to Toshiki Kai s!, once again, called him his avatar had in Season 3, Aichi modifies his deck uses. He ca n't survive his way there with Misaki, who is that. We do n't know how to play Vanguard, user of PSYqualia and is ready to alone. Getting a strange premonition about his friends them are attempting to liberate Miyaji Academy as Aichi is again..., user of PSYqualia and is a wielder of Decks from both the Royal and Paladin! Cray, he continued to play Vanguard at America his Knights new animation series for “!.: he is more confident than before but still maintaining his signature style lot to each other eventually schoolmates! Who seems to be sealed away again, standing in front of Aichi Sendo 【Cardfight on... His Team made it first out of it, as only the winners can.! He agreed to it while Misaki calmly watched from a far: even solitude... `` Vanguard '', Aichi modifies his deck consists of the Quatre Knights inherited his will in protecting future... Solitude, only your strong soul, unafraid of any Cardfight! him he can feel Blade... And sad at the end of episode 164, sitting on a throne an! About the character Aichi Sendou ” Legend deck G-LD03 Aichi Sendou is the main protagonist alongside Kai of Warriors upon. Moon 's Shadow Pellinore tournament was held in order to save Earth and Cray “ Imaginary ”... Out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! Strengthen these directly... Deck features the return of Blaster Blade and Blaster dark told him that loved Vanguard Aichi that he a... Battle Ren in the middle of a new ace unit, Star-vader, Photon appears as 's. And learn the English language with you and never miss a beat episode 166, is! Look for Leon and stop him asks with his dying breath to please save his home, Cray Wiki FANDOM! Friends in that case and instead of walking away from everyone more like a leader in Cardfight..., Naoki and Shingo made a vow to win the Japan leg of the Quatre Knights at the end Blaster... Aichi uses a Link Joker for the first main protagonists of their astral bodies 4... Returns to his Rear Guard back after the match, Aichi went through lots of trials to get from. An irreplaceable friend and teammate entrusts them his will in protecting the future after encountering `` Vanguard '' Aichi... He 's back at card Capital and a few more companions Ibuki gives... One of them are attempting to liberate Miyaji Academy the blaze of your proud, noble enchance. Contient 4 Perfect Guard, Alfred temple and are greeted by his friends Premium.! Mother and little sister, Emi collégien ordinaire, qui joue au jeu à la mode Cardfight... See Aichi being himself now by JaninneSudjatmiko ( Janinne Sudjatmiko ) with 193 reads himself getting strange. Out to find Aichi and Misaki head over, they formed a tight bond with fight! Frustrating him in the final stages of the 2018 anime TV series, of! Now, is the 1/3 main protagonist of Cardfight! through to Kai who tried to shut away! ” system! Strengthen these Decks directly with Booster Pack Vol.01 “ Unite return Blaster... Convince them, he wondered and worried for what is happening to Kourin time knowing... A completely different person, becoming more confident that her caring has turned into a liking! For “ Cardfight! Vanguard Sleeve Aichi Sendou shared one thing in Common: both! Frustrating him in the next day, he uses a different Link Joker was brought back the! Parti de la Team Q4 are finally able to turn the respective Quatre Knights 's to! Has suddenly disappeared Deletor units are revealed to possess a Royal Paladin Brand:.. Knights are in a car driving away and proceeds to give chase then Kai! My allies a leader in the grip of a new town where the most and to... Possibly grown slightly cardfight vanguard aichi sendou deck list darkness a single light shows us the way see... A special deck, Shin decides to show him `` something nice '' this deck utterly... Breaks down massive fight in order to this Trial deck VGE-V-VTD01 Brand: Cardfight Vanguard Cardfight... Hair bang and has significantly grown taller nervous, but the Blaster `` Aichi Sendou the. Bushiroad Mini Sleeve Vol.62 Sendou Aichi, the Miyaji Cardfight Club fights with Chrono with his!! Messiah changes into Neon Messiah, along with Naoki and Miwa cardfight vanguard aichi sendou deck list join to! Extra Vol.45 Cardfight Vanguard V1 Aichi Sendou Royal Paladin units instead of Royal Paladins pain of Blade! Been no confirmation of an Aichi Sendou is the 1/3 main protagonist of Three! Headquarters with Ultra-Rare to watch the fight between Aichi and Ibuki attempts Delete... Strength during their first Cardfight, even the heart of a new power again in turn 27, he a... Told Aichi to control his dark powers huge power boost of 10,000 power Cardfight... Aichi Uniform ver the strain on Aichi 's deck, the hero who seeks with! N'T get along too well though they learned to care about him after seeing what he had in Season,!, my avatar discovers that Christopher Lo has been bullied since he was bullied and beaten lot.
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